Clay: It’s the Good Stuff

potter-marksMake your mark: Clare comes to regular sessions at the studio & is now practicing her throwing. Recently we chatted a bit about sustainability and the responsibilities we have as makers. It’s a tough one. There’s been a lot of talk about plastic recently & there’s always talk about stuff and wether we really need it – particularly on the run up to Christmas. People have formed clay for 20,000 years & a lot of what we know about our past can be learnt through these artefacts. We’re moulded & capacious, it’s moulded & giving: perhaps that’s why so many people connect with it. It records stories: cultural, social, material, social, economic etc… I know I’d rather have something that tells a story, any story. I think making and buying things that asks something of you is affirming. Producing also involves risk. Learning to let go is important. I know I’d rather have opportunities to fail & reflect on my life. There’s plenty of opportunity for that in ceramics. It’s my best friend.

Also… we’ve needed to start using stamps for ages. I’d intended to do this when I first started Sunken Studio but forgot! They’re now more important than ever. There’s a lot of work going through the kiln & these will help optimise loads.

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Ceramics Taster: Spruce

Come and try your hand at sgraffito in our wall decor workshop at Mauds House, Skipton. Learn how to transfer, cut, carve and scratch designs into colour coated clay to produce a wonderfully tactile ceramic wall hanging. Hattie at Mauds House has selected a beautiful colour palette for you to use.

Sunken Studio will provide everything you need to make a ceramic wall hanging. Please note, fired pieces will be returned to you with the materials needed to finish constructing your hanging at home.

Colour samples for ceramics workshops at Mauds House.


  • Materials.
  • Post production costs: single firing.
  • Packaging. Postage is not included.
  • Booking fees.

Following the workshop your work will be transported back to Sunken Studio and fired. Finished works will be available for collection from Mauds House within 28 days after the session. If you are unable to collect we can arrange for your work to be delivered for £10 per address.

Terms and Conditions

Please review our full Terms and Conditions before you book. Late cancellation and changes to agreed bookings incur charges.

What you need to know

This experience is for adults (18+) only.

Finished works, fired and glazed (where needed), will be available for collection from Mauds House within 28 days after the session. If you are unable to collect we can arrange for your work to be delivered for £10 per address.

It’s standard workshop practice to wear flat, sturdy shoes with covered toes. Please protect your feet.

Rings and long fingernails can be problematic when working with clay – please consider this when booking.


If you have any concerns about specific access requirements please contact Sunken Studio.

About Mauds House

Mauds House is a beautifully curated independent store selling homewares and lifestyle products both old and new chosen from across the globe. Mauds House is owned by Hattie Crook and reflects her passion for illustration, design and mindfulness.


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Reasons To Be Cheerful

Mauds-House_Illustration“Every card, sheet of wrapping paper, gift, print, book, cushion (the list is endless) purchased from your local indie shop, craft fair, design market, small online shop this season will contribute to a maker or business owners longevity, supporting their growth and stability for the year ahead. Whether it’s a little or a lot, show your support and together we can continue to make our high streets, towns and villages prosper.” Hattie Maud, Mauds House.

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Jewellery at Sunken Studio

In May, I met with Becky and Andy from Colours May Vary to discuss the possibility of running a couple of ceramic workshops.

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