Sophie’s Story

Sophie from Ink and Bear spent the evening learning how to make press moulded plant pots in our Ceramics Taster: Press. Here’s her story:

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Ceramics Taster: Press

Do and do again.

PRESS is an introduction to small batch production. In this two hour introduction to ceramic processes you’ll explore how to reproduce shapes using plaster moulds. You’ll then customise your pieces with wire loop cutting tools. This one is for biophiliacs: you’ll be making small indoor planters – ideal for succulents and other small plants.

Press moulding is a quasi-industrial method of production. Moulds enable the consistent repetition of form but have the flexibility to act as starting points for further adaptation.

Prerequisites: none, designed for beginners or anyone wanting to refine existing skills.

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Sunken Studio is delighted to offer ceramics taster days and short courses led by a skilled practitioner and experienced, fully qualified, tutor. Hands-on sessions provide insight into a selection of techniques and processes and are designed to introduce beginners and enhancers to advanced working methods and practices. The studio can accommodate groups of 3-4 people – perfect for anyone wanting a relaxed and instructive experience.