Pets at Work


If you follow Sunken Studio on social media you’ll be aware that there’s one special studio relationship. It’s between me and Martha the Miniature Schnauzer.


Recently our bond was captured by Emily from Pet Stories. During Emily’s visit we chatted about start-ups, settling into a new city, dogs and pet lovers.

Martha and I went about our business while Emily took beautiful candid shots of the beast. Because Martha’s my bestie I’m always wanting to capture those distinctive, unposed moments of her amazing characterful brilliance. Martha, like most dogs, is intense but her pro’s definitely out weigh her wilful moments. Emily has a keen eye and she definitely captured the Martha I live with. To view Emily’s photos and insights take a look at Pets at Work: Martha at Sunken Studio Leeds.

Martha had also been for a groom so she looks particularly shiny and is very velvety. She also smelt better than me. She doesn’t do much to help with the day to day running of the business but she’s always good company.

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