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In May, I met with Becky and Andy from Colours May Vary to discuss the possibility of running a couple of ceramic workshops.

Since then I’ve been pottering and playing and serendipitously discovered a lovely jewellery making workshop. If you’d like to make your own ceramic bangles, pendants or brooches take a look at the Ceramics Taster: Fettle.

I’ve really enjoyed developing this workshop, so much so, that it’s spawned a new product line that I am now in the process of promoting.

The tubular necklaces above and below are not part of the workshop but are example of the over-sized, colourful wearables that belong to Sunken Studio’s portfolio of new products.

Each tube is handmade using a couple of different processes. They are then painted and glazed. Interior and exterior colours on each tube are often different – but not always.

I’m enjoying the simplicity of form and the intensity of colour. I’m interested in systems and materiality. I can be puritanical and irreverent – how they are made respects clay; how they coloured is artificial.


I’ve always had an interest in geometry and flat blocks of colour (print) and have echoed this in my approach to any decoration, styling the products and marketing.

As well as an online shop I plan to be out and about selling a selection of items soon. Here’s a possible stand design I’ve been working on.


And the finished stand at the Northern Craft event at South Bank Social on 26 August 2017. Sorry there’s no cardboard cutout – just the real me behind the camera.

Exhibition Design

What a wonderful backdrop! There are some beautiful buildings around there.

Ceramic Brooches

PLEASE NOTE: not all the products shown are part of the Ceramics Taster: Fettle.


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Sunken Studio is delighted to offer ceramics taster days and short courses led by a skilled practitioner and experienced, fully qualified, tutor. Hands-on sessions provide insight into a selection of techniques and processes and are designed to introduce beginners and enhancers to advanced working methods and practices. The studio can accommodate groups of 3-4 people – perfect for anyone wanting a relaxed and instructive experience.