Colour Splash with Statement Ceramic Necklaces


Our product ranges include statement accessories and homewares.  We like to keep things elementary – simple processes, geometric forms, functional surfaces, intense colours, wearable, useable.


These colourful earthenware necklaces are intended to be playful and played with. The oversized and hollow beads are all unique. Hand-rolled and hand-painted they are intentionally simple, low tech, unencumbered by complexity and technology. Interior and exterior colours, sometimes different sometimes monochrome, catch the eye as the body moves. Their weight presses, noticeable – reassuringly tactile and robust.


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We’ll be taking our necklaces and dishes to The Hepworth Wakefield Contemporary Ceramics Fair, 5 & 6 May 2018.


Necklaces are on display, and for sale, in the Made showcase at Yorkshire Sculpture Park Shop, 5 March – 19 May, 2018.YSP-shop-logo

We also stock work at Colours May Vary in Leeds.

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Sunken Studio is delighted to offer ceramics taster days and short courses led by a skilled practitioner and experienced, fully qualified, tutor. Hands-on sessions provide insight into a selection of techniques and processes and are designed to introduce beginners and enhancers to advanced working methods and practices. The studio can accommodate groups of 3-4 people – perfect for anyone wanting a relaxed and instructive experience.