Photo Journal: materiality, colour, surface


A bit of old rope… Here are a few of the pictures that I took while on Lewis, Scotland. It’s a small showcase of materials, techniques, colour & surface combinations that sum up some of the poetic bleakness, simplicity, tenacity and determination of the place. Things that get me excited. The next step is to explore how to use these observations. I’ll just leave them floating around & let serendipity help things along.

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Digital Dealings: 3D Printing

This weekend I had my first go at 3D printing. I designed a form using SketchUp & printed some plastic cookie cutters on a friend’s DIY printer. This was version two, it was made using version one. I’m totally up for version three making it’s way to the studio.

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Illustrative Slipware

Matthew the Horse, Forward Always: Moon

I’ve finally finished a few odd jobs around the house. One of which was getting this print stretched. It’s by Matthew the Horse and last year he visited the studio to work on a few examples for our Ceramics Taster: Trail.

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Tulipieres: what we did last summer


Coil pots to Tulipiere in 10 weeks of making. Look at that offset foot. Each part has one so each pot appears to hover above the table. Design details like that make me smile. This amazing Tulipiere stack was made by David during one of our six week evening classes. David has already completed our Beginner’s Bundle: Build and has progressed onto the next course. If you’re interested in learning basic pottery making techniques and processes visit Tasters, Courses and Events.

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Colour and Surface

Accidental colour inspiration. Out and about teaching myself how to take photographs – Achilles Heel. Many of the photos are out of focus – tripod next time – but some interesting colour combos have come out of it. Continue reading Colour and Surface